NGL Conference 2019

Call for Papers

Technical area (세부기술분야)

Lithography Technologies

  • Extreme UV (EUV) Lithography

  • Electron and Ion Beam Lithography

  • Optical Lithography

  • Lithographic Materials

  • Mask, Template and Stencil Fabrication

  • Simulation and Modeling of Patterning Technologies

  • Lithography for Packaging and 3D Integration

  • Nanoimprint Lithography / Maskless Lithography

  • Printed Flexible Electronics Including 3D/4D Printing

  • Directed Self Assembly

  • Nanoparticle and Nanotube Assembly and Placement

  • Advanced Pattern Transfer

Process, Metrology and Inspection Technologies

  • Critical Dimension Metrologies

  • Overlay and Image Placement

  • Quality Assurance and Yield Enhancement

  • Defect Detection, Analysis, and Control

  • Electron, Ion and Photon Beam Etching and Deposition

  • Process Simulation and Modeling

Applications and Emerging Topics

  • Quantum Electronics

  • Advanced Display Technologies

  • 2D Quantum Meta Materials

  • Nanophotonic and Plasmonic Patterned Media

  • Nanobiology and Nanomedicine

  • DNA Origami and Biologically Inspired Assembly

  • Carbon-based Nanodevices (CNTs & Graphene)

  • MEMS

  • Machine Learning in Semiconductor Process

Important Dates (주요일정)

Deadline of abstract submission: July 15, 2019

Deadline of pre-registration: July 26, 2019

On-line abstract submission web site

Contacts: (Phone) 041) 530-2790, (Fax) 041) 530-2260 


Activities (함께하는행사)

​   Short Courses

  • 신영수 교수 (KAIST) - Lithography Optimizations through Machine Learning

  • 정연식 교수 (KAIST) - Bottom-up  기반 나노패터닝 기술의 원리와 응용

  • 정진욱 교수 (한양대) - 반도체/디스플레이 플라즈마 기초 및 응용


  • ​  학생논문상 - 1등 (1명) 100만원, 2등 (2명) 50만원


​    1 page Summary Preparation for the Next Generation Lithography Conference 2019


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